Pet Odor Removal

Pet Urine Odor Removal

When it comes to owning pets, there's one problem that seems to come up over and over: Pet Urine. If you get urine in the carpet, it can not be fixed by a simple clean. If not taken care of, it can even lead to the need for restoration. That's why Chem-Dry developed Pet Urine Removal Treatment. Better known as P.U.R.T., this solution can save even the most severely soaked areas of your carpet in Benton, Washington, and Madison counties in Arkansas. With a different approach to tackling stains and odor, this product has proven results. We didn't just mark odor, the P.U.R.T. process goes straight to the source and eliminates it completely.



Chem-Dry Partnering With Best Friends Organization

best friends animal societyBecause of our innovative solution to pet urine odor removal, coupled with our love for pets, Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas is partnering with an organization known as Best Friends.

Did you know that, every day, more than 9,000 healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are killed in America's shelters. Best Friends is an organization that wants to help save those animals. With services ranging from adoption and donations to simply volunteering or spreading the word, this organization is increasing awareness of a big problem, and finding amazing homes for amazing pets.

So, for a limited time...

Chem-Dry of NW Arkasas will donate $10 for every P.U.R.T.  job booked through the end of September.

Chem-Dry Loves Pets!

Here at Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas, we love pets!! They truly are members of the family, and bring great memories and joy to the home. They're just like us, when it comes to needing regular groom and bathing. On top of that, it's necessary to have regular check ups so they stay happy and healthy. If you do this, combined with regular carpet cleaning, your home will stay clean and healthy in Arkansas.

Tested and Proven Superior Results

Because of our love of pets, we've developed a solution that eliminates the stains and odors they give us. After years of experience and testing, the resulting product was our Pet Urine Removal Treatment. This product has not gone unproven. In an independent laboratory, P.U.R.T. was tested to see just how well it can tackle pet stains. The results were shocking! Our tests, which used the most common odor sources found in both cat and dog urine, showed that P.U.R.T. removes 99.9% of pet urine odor from carpet. If this is coupled with our Hot Carbonated Extraction process and sanitizer, it was proven to remove an average of 99.2% of bacteria as well.

Facts You Need To Know About Pet Urine In Your Carpeting:

Pet Urine Removal

Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, that's not exactly the case when it comes to urine on carpets. When urine is deposted on carpets, it doesn't stay there. Unfortunately, it penetrates all the way down to the fibers and contaminates both the backing of the carpet and the flooring material below. On top of that, pets will often urinate consistantly in the same area of your carpet. The urine odor that results will permeate all the way from the floor (whether it's cement or wood), from the tack strip and even from your home's framework behind the walls.

Even after the urine itself dries, there are still countless urine crystals left unseen. You would hope that's a good thing, but once dry these crystals become even more concentrated and pungent. Unfortunately, a simple cleaning will not be enough to remove the odor and, until recently, there was no product available that was effective at getting rid of urine odor.

That's where P.U.R.T. comes into the picture. When this solution makes contact with pet urine odor, there's an actual chemical reaction that occurs. The result is the complete removal of urine odor, leaving your home smelling as good as ever!

How P.U.R.T.® Works

  • The source and severity of the odor are determined, then the carpet will be rinsed and extracted with a hot water rinse to remove the bulk of the urine crystals.
  • In worst cases, the carpet is pulled back in the suspected areas to reveal the extent of the damage.*
  • If necessary, the pad will be removed and replaced.*
  • An odor blocking shellac may be applied to the sub-floor if determined necessary.*
  • P.U.R.T.® will then be applied heavily to the tack strip, the subfloor, the baseboards and the carpet backing. It is necessary to apply this product heavily enough to dampen all areas affected by the urine. *
  • Over the next 24 to 36 hours, the ingredients in P.U.R.T. will react with the urine, and break down the odor causing components.

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