ClickCeaseCan You Love Your Pet AND Your Carpet in Fayetteville AR?
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And they called it, Puppy Love 🎶

happy white puppy smiling on leather upholstery getting his belly rubbed in Fayetteville ARDo you have a puppy that you love? A cat? A rabbit? The average pet owner in Arkansas spends $65 on their pet each month, but pets need more than money. Pets take attention, time, and space. So the big question is, why do we keep these formerly wild animals around in our homes?

Stress Less 

It has been proven that people who have pets in their home have elevated moods. Pets help fight against depression and loneliness. Interacting with your animal can be a soothing experience that helps you destress. Dogs and other animals can seemingly empathize with their owners. 

Guard Dog on Duty

Pets can help their owners feel safer. Whether they are along for an evening jog through Gregory Park, Fayetteville or guarding the door, having a dog around can put your mind at ease. Elderly folk especially find comfort from having a dog close by for protection or companionship.

beware of dog red sign on wooden door in Fayetteville Ar

woman jogging with black and white dog on black street through grass in the park in Fayetteville ArkHealthy and Happy

Having active outdoor pets encourages healthy activities. Dogs usually want to go on walks and runs more than we do! That means having one around can be a good way to encourage yourself to be active.

We Love Our Furmily!

Pets are more than furry domesticated wild things. They are unique, love-able furmily members. By caring for our pets, they actually end up caring for us in return. Pets have the ability to improve our moods, make us feel safer, and encourage us to participate in healthy outdoor activities in the beautiful Fayetteville Arkansas area.

We Love Pets AND Carpet

As residents of Washington County Arkansas, we too have felt the joys of owning pets. As carpet cleaning technicians in Washington County Arkansas, we also understand the joy and importance of having clean carpet. That's why we make it possible for you to have both. With a regular carpet cleaning by Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas, 98% of allergens can be removed from your carpet and upholstery. What's more, we can eliminate pet urine and odors from the carpet in your home. Schedule a carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas so you can love your carpet almost as much as you love your pet!