ClickCeaseHow to throw the BEST housewarming party (Fayetteville AR)
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When it comes to throwing a housewarming party in Fayetteville AR slow and steady wins the race. Give yourself some time to settle in, unpack, and set up. This way your party will be a stress free celebration AND your guests will get to see how great everything looks when it’s all set up.


Email or text out invites to save on time and money. Make a cute and simple graphic using a free online tool like Include an rsvp line so you can get a headcount for food.

Invite your neighbors too! A housewarming party is a great excuse to meet them in a natural, comfortable way.

housewarming party invitation in Fayetteville AR

Bonus tip:

Were there any people especially influential in your home purchase or process? (a friend who recommended the listing, your realtor, renovators, etc). Invite them as well! 


Instead of buying individual drinks, put out pitchers of lemonade, water or other drinks. Instead of having a full blown meal, get small snacks and finger foods. Fresh fruit and veggies are a healthy alternative as well. 

Bonus tip: Make it a potluck! In lieu of gifts, guests can bring some of their favorite snacks or treats to share. Just remember it’s your job to provide plasticware! 

Bonus tip: If any food ends up where it shouldn’ the carpet or furniture… book a cleaning with Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas to remove stains left behind.

friends at a housewarming party in Fayetteville AR


Get out your bluetooth speakers and play some music! Set the tone with upbeat songs or some classical music depending on the feeling you want to convey. 


There isn’t any! Simply clean up your house and make sure it is in tip top shape.

Bonus tip: Consider leaving out a book for your guests to write their address in. People move around and it can be difficult to keep track of their location. If you have their address on record, it will come useful when you need to send out announcements, or holiday cards via mail. 


Gifts are optional. Don’t expect gifts, but if you encourage them or know your friends are the type to deliver- be prepared. Use kind of a ‘give to get’ mentality and provide small favors. Gifts can range from treats- to pictures with your address- to small items with your address, like a magnet. 

Bonus tip: a print design of a sketch of your house with your address listed on it. Leave these by the door so guests can take one and save one.

Enjoy your housewarming party! Afterwards, give us a call when it comes to the clean up. We'll be ready! 479-553-9156