ClickCeaseHow your spoiled dog could be ruining your home (& what to do about it)
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Does your pet run the house? Well today, of all days, let them. We are celebrating national spoil your dog day here at Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas!

Happy National Spoil Your Dog Day!

Meet Ottis.

a white and brown spotted dog sleeping on carpet in Fayetteville AR
Meet Ottis. Ottis plays hard and rests harder. He spends a lot of time rolling around trying to get comfortable on the carpet, the sofa, the armchair- really anywhere he can get his paws on!

He sheds an awful lot of fur...luckily it blends into the carpet… but sometimes it can get stuck to clothes, pillows, and throws. Plus, his natural odor can start to make all our furniture smell! Ottis sleeps wherever he pleases, which is why a call to Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas is so important! A professional carpet cleaning helps to minimize hair and destroy 98% of the pet allergens in upholstered furniture AND they remove odors.

Meet Scottie.

dog wearing a jersey and sitting by a basketball on a white sofa in Fayetteville AR

Say what’s up to Scottie (named after our family’s favorite Basketball player to come from Arkansas, Scottie Pippen). Scottie loves watching sports with the rest of his family! Sometimes, though, he doesn’t want to miss a halftime show so he will sneak around the spot behind the couch and...well...uses it as a toilet. The most frustrating is the

To keep game time enjoyable all you need to do is schedule a cleaning with Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas. We remove urine stains and odors from behind the sofa so Scottie will stop using the same spot every time. Once he can’t smell the odor, he won’t urinate in his former favorite spot. Scheduling regular PURT treatments keeps your carpet looking and smelling great.

Meet Rosaline.

kids and brown toy breed dog sitting on grey microfiber sofa in Fayetteville AR

Rosaline is kind of the queen around here… she can frequently be found on her ‘throne’ (aka the pigeon gray sofa). Honestly everyone loves getting a chance to cuddle her, and she loves the attention so nobody seems to mind too much. That being said, they do mind the stains her dirty paws have left behind. Even with regular baths and trying to clean out the sofa stains... some just wouldn’t budge.

Scheduling with Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas can help! After one upholstery cleaning, get instant results. Your sofa will look good as new! (and you will get a chance to see all the yucky stuff stuck in the upholstery, yikes!). A regular cleaning is just what you will love for your furniture (and just what dogs like Rosaline appreciate for their thrones!)

We love dogs too!

Spoil your dog every day guilt free. Chem-Dry of NW Arkansas can clean up their messes so instead of worrying about the mess they are leaving behind, you can worry about what accessory they need next!

dog with stuffed food chew toys sitting on a grey chair looking upblack dog dressed in a red french outfit looking to the side