ClickCeaseKeeping Carpet Clean During The Holidays in Fayetteville AR- 5 tips!
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carpet cleaning during the holidays in Fayetteville ArkansasGet your home ready for the holidays by keeping your carpet and upholstery looking great! Using five simple tricks your home will be ready for the guests that visit your home this holiday season.

1. Get a specialty protectant applied to your carpet!

It is better to be prepared than have to treat something later. Prepare your carpet for holiday food spills by getting a protectant applied to your carpet. Our protectant acts as a barrier by encasing carpet fibers. This better protects your carpet from cranberry sauce spills, red wine stains, melted chocolate oranges, or whatever holiday food stains your carpet may encounter. Schedule a carpet cleaning protectant package today!

2. Place a mat under your tree to catch sap and needles.

A fresh, live tree in your living room is a sure sign that the holidays are here. Unfortunately, the scent of pine isn't always the only thing they bring; trees can create a sappy mess in your carpet. You don't want to opt out of a tree skirt this year! Put down a mat or large tree skirt to catch falling pine needles and extra sap. Pay special attention to the stump by making sure the area under and around it is covered. When the holidays are over, memories and gifts should remain, but a tree mess shouldn't.

3. Remind guests to leave their shoes at the door or in the entryway.

Put out a basket or designate an area in the entryway for guests to leave their shoes. Shoes track salt, mud, water, and bacteria in from outside and damage carpet. They contribute to dirt build up over time. If your have guests that insist on wearing their holiday shoes, put out a doormat both outside your house and in the entryway. Encourage guests to wipe their shoes on both mats to eliminate most of the mud and salt from getting tracked over the carpet.

4. Purchase a coat rack to hold coats that are wet from rain or snow.

Often a quick fix for collecting coats from holiday guests is to pile them up on a sofa or in the corner somewhere. This causes a soggy mess! Water and snow salt residue can drip down your furniture and onto the floor. A coat rack may seem like a strange purchase to help maintain your carpet, but picture all the sledding and now equipment your kids use. When they finish playing outside, it's not unlikely for them to leave their snowsuits and coats piled up on a floor...once again leaving you with a soggy carpet or upholstery mess. A coat rack or wall hooks keep wet coats off the floor so your carpet stays drier.

5. Vacuum carpet and rugs at least once a week.

Vacuuming is a simple three minute task that makes all the difference to your carpet. Regular vacuuming prevents dirt build up in carpet which keeps the air cleaner in your home.