ClickCeaseWhy are pet carpet stains so bad? in Fayetteville AR
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puppy on carpet in Fayetteville AR

Are you a pet owner? Chances are, you’ve had to clean up a pet urine accident before...

Puppy potty training didn’t go so well? Pretty poodle had an accident? If you have a dog or pet in the home, you know they are prone to accidents sometimes. You also know that pet stains leave remaining odors for weeks to come. So why are pet stains so bad? Let’s find out.

Why are pet stains so bad?

When a pet deposits urine into the carpet it seeps below the surface deep into the carpet fibers. It contaminates the flooring material beneath the carpet, and there it stays. Sometimes it causes a need for major restoration. What’s worse, pets will often go in places they have gone before. Even if the urine stains are gone, the odor remains beneath the surface and pets can smell it!

pet urine in carpet in fayetteville arWhy does pet urine smell so bad in carpet?

Pet urine smells terrible in your carpet! But why?? Well, first off, it sinks below the fibers and into the carpet backing, tack strip, and sometimes cement and wood below. When the urine dries, the liquid evaporates but something remains- the urine crystals. They become even more concentrated and pungent. At this point, a simple cleaning can not remove an odor this strong!

What can remove urine from carpet and upholstery? What about removing pet urine?

For a long time there wasn’t a product available to remove pet urine stains effectively from carpet. Most cleaners mask the smell with perfumes, but we don’t. Instead of covering the odors temporarily with something else, we remove the pet urine odor entirely. We do it with P.U.R.T.

What is PURT®?

P.U.R.T. is our revolutionary method used to remove pet urine and odors. P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) is unlike any other pet urine and odor removal. Using blacklight technology we locate old stains so we can treat them. When P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the odor it immediately begins a chemical reaction to destroy the urine odor. Beneath the surface we explode pungent urine crystals. This process destroys urine odors and pet stains once and for all. This superior product has shown excellent results! It stops the odor-causing spots instead of covering them up.

Pet Urine Removal Treatment in Fayetteville AR

Why do I need a professional carpet cleaning to remove pet urine stains?

Pets will continue to go in the same spot they have gone before. Urine spots are sure to become worse over time! Using P.U.R.T. we can remove 99.9% of the pet urine odors from carpets. When coupled with our Hot Carbonating Extraction carpet cleaning process and sanitizer, we remove 99.2% of the bacteria from carpet.

What should I do next?

The next step, invite us over for a FREE, no-obligation carpet inspection. We will take care to assess the situation and provide you with honest feedback about what is best for you and your carpet. Once you have had your carpet cleaned with P.U.R.T., your carpet will never be the same!